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Our Services

Facility for Real time tracking

The platform offers real time GPS tracking of multiple vehicles in a web browser. A live view of the entire vehicle fleet gives us control, the best vehicle can be dispatched for a job and specific vehicles can be followed when required. Alerts and notifications are instantly available in the application.

Alerts and notifications

Any event in the platform can generate alerts in the application, over email or SMS. For mobile operators we can configure notifications over SMS and email for events that require immediate attention, such as SOS, vehicle theft, high temperature, speeding, excessive idling, off hours vehicle usage or geofence violations.

Personalize Service

The buses have lady and gents conductors to escort the student especially primary children, to and from the bus.


Reports for most common business requirements are delivered with GpsGate Server to help us analyze and improve your business. Customers can use the GpsGate Reporting framework to configure additional reports based on any data in the platform. Reports can be presented directly in the web browser or scheduled and sent over email.

Vehicle Maintenance

Our dedicated fleet maintenance ERP keeps track of when our vehicles are due for corrective and preventive maintenance. It shows a maintenance status overview and sends notifications when vehicles is due for service.

RTA Certified Drivers

The Drivers are certified for the safety and good driving practices by the RTA. This ensures no harsh driving, speeding and unnecessary idling of the engine. By this the vehicle wear is reduced and save money by minimizing the environmental impact of the vehicle fleet.

Driver Journal

Use Driver Journal to keep track of your business trips. You can categorize different trips and add notes to them for your reports. A great plugin to support tax authority requirements and company regulations.

Device support

GpsGate Server supports dedicated tracking devices, Windows computers, Windows Mobile devices, Android, iPhone and Blackberry smart phones. This makes the platform future proof, flexible and suitable for large implementations with multiple device types.